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Keeping Up With Amazon: What Are Posts And Should I Use Them?

Amazon announced the release of Posts in beta in 2019 to help shoppers discover new products. Retailers can add lifestyle images of their products into a branded Posts feed, which appears on Amazon’s mobile app and on the mobile web. Amazon encourages retailers to use the same type of images they would share on social media, like Instagram. Many shoppers who visit Amazon already have a strong idea of what type of product they want to purchase, but Posts offer a way for retailers to introduce shoppers to products they may not have considered before. 

In this latest installment of Keeping Up With Amazon, we’ll explore what Posts are and how retailers can make the most of this new feature in their Amazon Advertising strategy

Release Date:

Amazon released Posts in beta in August 2019. 

What It Is:

Posts are Amazon’s latest foray into social media-esque advertising. Shortly after shuttering it’s last social media attempt, Amazon Spark, Amazon announced the release of Posts, which eliminate the comments and interactivity of Spark, but keep the lifestyle imagery. Posts allow retailers to create feeds of product images, which when click, drive shoppers to the product detail page. 

These images appear as a carousel on product detail pages for related products, in brand feeds, and in category feeds. Retailers who participate in posts can send out a shareable URL in order to drive traffic to their brand feed. 

Amazon Posts Brand Feed

Retailers who are enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry and have a Store are able to use Posts. Currently this ad format is free, but that may change as it gains traction on Amazon.

What It Means For Your Business:

Posts are a significant shift for Amazon Advertising and allow retailers to reach shoppers much earlier in the purchase journey. While Amazon has had success engaging shoppers immediately before a purchase, the goal of Posts is to drive greater discovery on Amazon and give retailers an opportunity to engage shoppers at the top of the acquisition funnel.

This is also a way for Amazon to more directly compete with social media channels like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook which have increasingly invested in their shopping capabilities.

This update may also impact retailers’ marketing teams in the near future. Typically retail marketers have managed social media, marketplaces, and search advertising separately. As platforms like Amazon and Google explore social advertising, campaign management may require a more integrated approach. Having a single team or one solution that can manage full-funnel marketing may become increasingly valuable in the years ahead. 

Sidecar recommends participating in this beta program if you are eligible. It’s a good opportunity to experiment with upper-funnel advertising on Amazon, should require a low lift if you have already developed creative for social media advertising, and may drive incremental sales for your business at no additional cost.

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