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The Sidecar Seasonal E-Commerce Report for Holiday 2015 Is Here

With Holiday 2015 in the books, you’ve probably spent some time analyzing your data to determine how sales fared, understand the impact of your marketing efforts, and figure out how to crush it in 2016. We’ve been right there with you.

And because we love data the way we do, we’ve compiled our analysis into the Sidecar Seasonal E-Commerce Report: Holiday 2015.

Some of the more interesting findings? This infographic gives the highlights.


The full report includes:

  • E-commerce sales data from the entire Holiday season with year-over-year comparisons of key metrics, including conversion rates and revenue growth
  • Google Shopping channel metrics — including conversion rates, revenue growth, click growth, order growth, and bidding efficiency
  • Mobile vs. desktop performance within Google Shopping and site-wide
  • Google Shopping performance on Cyber Monday and Black Friday — as well as the entire Thanksgiving weekend, Green Monday, Free Shipping Day, and Last Day to Ship
  • Recommended next steps, including which PLA bid adjustments you should be making, how to use Google’s tools to take full advantage of mobile traffic (it’s not just about mobile bid adjustments, btw), and a whole lot more

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