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How Retailers Can Avoid the 9 Biggest Pitfalls of Facebook Advertising

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Facebook’s ad business shows no signs of slowing. With this growth has come a major expansion of the channel’s audience targeting capabilities. Many retail marketers understand the advertising potential that Facebook holds as a result.

But this sophistication isn’t without challenges. The growing complexities involved with setup and campaign management can often leave the most seasoned marketers in need of direction when advertising in the channel.

Facebook advertising success boils down to the three areas of study: pixel and campaign strategy, audience targeting and measurement. Learn about the pitfalls involved in each and how you can navigate them with the right approach.

Pixel and Campaign Strategy

Those with experience setting up Facebook ad campaigns can attest to the platform’s cumbersome interface. With the vast array of settings and targeting capabilities, it’s easy to take shortcuts that result in poorly targeted campaigns that drive minimal results.

Pitfall #1: Setting up the Pixel incorrectly

Pixel setup is critical to tracking all customer interactions so that targeting is effective. Before diving into campaign settings, ensure your pixel is uploaded to your website and tracking what your website and app visitors view and purchase. Review your Pixel Events in relation to your business goals and get a better understanding of your customers’ path to purchase. To confirm your pixel is uploaded and running, use the Facebook Pixel Helper.

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