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How Up to Date Is Your Mobile Strategy on Google? Get the Latest Data and Advice.

The Google Ads platform has undergone tremendous transformation in recent years. In 2017 Google Shopping reached a critical tipping point, capturing 53% of retailers’ Google Ads budgets. In 2018 Google Shopping achieved another equally important milestone during the holiday period. For the first time ever, more than half of all conversions on occured on mobile devices. Paid search wasn’t far behind with 44% of all conversions occuring on mobile in Q4.

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Mobile Shoppers Spend Big

Not only is mobile shopping growing, but shoppers are also spending more on mobile than they ever have before. Mobile orders with an AOV of over $300, for example, drove 63% more in revenue than in 2017. That means shoppers are more comfortable making big-ticket purchases on their mobile devices.

Mobile SERP Expands

Google’s updates to the SERP are behind some of the sales growth happening on mobile. More Shopping ads appear on the SERP thanks to an expanded carousel, which Google rolled out in 2017. Showcase Shopping ads, a mobile format that displays large, lifestyle images of a retailers products for generic search queries, is also appearing in more searches. Google added video to the Showcase Shopping format as well, making it an even more prominent part of the mobile shopping experience.

Technology Speeds Up Mobile Shopping

Mobile technologies are also advancing mobile sales. Payments systems like Google Pay and Venmo are speeding up mobile purchasing. Auto-fill technologies are making checkout faster and easier on mobile devices. And site design specifications like Google AMP are helping retailers speed up their mobile sites by cutting load times in half. The faster and easier it is to purchase on mobile, the more shoppers are drawn to this channel.

All of these factors have culminated to make 2018 a banner year for mobile shopping, and is setting the stage for massive mobile gains in 2019. It’s critical that retailers get their mobile strategies right in 2019 and learn how to enhance their Google Ads campaigns with mobile shoppers in mind.

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