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Marketers: Are You Ready for Google Shopping Competition in 2018? Join This Webinar to Find Out

Intensifying competition is the biggest challenge facing retailers on Google Shopping. More retailers than ever before are vying for the top spots in the channel, which has driven up costs. Ad spend is up 43% year-over-year, according to the 2018 Google Shopping Benchmarks Report (available March 28). The Benchmarks Report analyzes the past year’s worth of Google Shopping performance for 300-plus U.S. retailers.

Amazon has flooded the channel too, capturing massive impression share in verticals like House & Home and Pet Care. In some cases, The e-commerce giant is pitting retailers against their own products sold on Amazon.

Given these challenges, it’s more important than ever that retailers hone their Google Shopping strategies to identify targeted goals and create more granular campaigns. Retailers should look for the white space in their markets and focus on emerging opportunities, such as mobile shopping or local inventory ads. Going toe-to-toe on ad spend with the likes of Amazon is not a winning tactic, but spending smarter is.

Learn How Moosejaw Grew Revenue 68%

In an upcoming Sidecar webinar, Moosejaw’s Senior Internet Marketing Manager Kelli Patterson will reveal how Moosejaw honed its promotions and search query strategies to outstrip the competition. The webinar, “3 Google Shopping Stats You’ll Live by in 2018: Exclusive Preview of the Google Shopping Benchmarks Report” will be held on March 27 and provide tactics retailers need to get the edge on Google Shopping.

Kelli will share how Moosejaw’s targeted promotions and branded search query campaigns drove a 68% revenue increase YoY in Q4 2017 and offer insights for e-commerce marketers looking to implement similar tactics.

Get Early Access to Competitive Benchmarks

Throughout the webinar, Sidecar will provide an in-depth look at the 2018 Google Shopping Benchmarks Report, and analyze three findings that will help retailers cope with growing competition.The webinar will feature expert insight from Sidecar’s Product Manager Mike Perekupka and Director of Enterprise Customer Strategy Zack Goldman.

Webinar attendees will get a first look at Benchmarks Report findings and early access to the full report.

Join the webinar to learn about:

  • Performance benchmarks across key e-commerce metrics, such as ROAS, CPC, and conversions, for specific retail verticals
  • Why Google Shopping competition continues to rise and how top-performing retailers have shifted tactics to find the white space
  • How cross-device conversion trends are evolving with an uptick in mobile purchases
  • How shopping trends are changing in light of shifting consumer behaviors and what retailers can do to adapt

Save your seat by registering for the March 27 webinar here, and set yourself up for a record-breaking 2018.

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