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Here’s How to Make Every Monday in December Green Monday – E-Commerce Marketing Minutes

Mike Perekupka

Monday gets a bad rap. Everyone’s tired, no one can seem to drink enough coffee, and the weekend seems light years away.

During the holiday shopping season, however, Mondays are anything but sluggish. Take, for instance, Green Monday, the last Monday with 10 days remaining until Christmas, which is usually retailers’ best sales day in December and a popular time for promotions.

Green Monday is Dec. 10 this year, but it’s not the only Monday in December that matters. Sidecar dug into historical data, and found that our retail clients’ site traffic spiked by as high 13% on every Monday in December leading up to Christmas. 

If you’re seeing similar traffic spikes in your historical data (check right now if you haven’t lately!), you can capitalize on them with Google Shopping. All it takes is a few tweaks in AdWords. 

And here are the steps for readers who want to follow along at home:



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