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Setting Up a Mobile Google Shopping Campaign for Maximum ROI – E-Commerce Marketing Minutes

In 2016, clicks to mobile Google Shopping ads more than doubled year over year. This exciting news for retailers seeking mobile shoppers also begs the question: How can I efficiently convert these clicks into sales?

This is a valid concern: Mobile Google Shopping performance almost always differs from desktop. Some products perform similarly across devices. Others sell like crazy on desktop, but not on mobile. And still others outperform on mobile.

If this is the case for your catalog (you can find out by consulting your campaign’s Devices report), then a simple mobile bid adjustment just won’t cut it. A blanket bid adjustment means you could be underbidding on some items, while overbidding on others.

Your best bet for maximum mobile Shopping ROI is a unique campaign with mobile-optimized bids for each product. That might sound complicated, but you can knock out the basic structure with just a few clicks in AdWords. Learn how in today’s E-Commerce Marketing Minutes video.

The whiteboard steps are below if you want to follow along. You can also use these steps to create a separate campaign for tablet traffic, if the data suggests you should ….

Setting Up a Mobile Google Shopping Campaign Whiteboard

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