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How to Value Branded Searches in Google Shopping – E-Commerce Marketing Minutes

Dave LeDonne

When it comes to Google Shopping, there are no easy answers. For branded retailers, an additional question looms large: How to properly value traffic from branded searches in Google Shopping?

The exact value you assign to clicks on Shopping ads that surface after branded searches — expressed as a bid in AdWords — comes down to your catalog’s unique performance. But a few rules of thumb should dictate the general direction — up or down relative to non-branded traffic — of those bids.

Watch today’s installment of our E-Commerce Marketing Minutes series for some tried-and-true pointers on how to value traffic from branded searches in Google Shopping.

One major caveat: These tips assume you are using multiple campaigns and negative keywords to control the flow of traffic to your campaigns from different types of search queries. If you aren’t doing that, check out this blog post on hacking Google Shopping keywords for a primer on why you should — and how to do it. 

To guide your efforts, review the steps from today’s whiteboard: 

How to Value Branded Searches in Google Shopping


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