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5 Custom Labels to Categorize Your Google Shopping MVPs – E-Commerce Marketing Minutes

Looking for more ways to optimize your product feed for Google Shopping? Custom labels can help you quickly spot and adjust bids on your most valuable products at the right times.

Some of your products might have higher profit margins than others, and some might be more popular during particular seasons of the year. Consider how sandals sell over the summer versus in the winter. But actually finding these in your product feed when it’s time to adjust bids can be tedious and time-consuming.

This is where custom labels come in. Think of custom labels like priority flags you place on products that you want to treat differently than the rest of your catalog — based on product profitability, popularity, seasonality, or another attribute.

Once labeled, it’s easier to spot and group together products that share an attribute — such as items that are popular in the summer or are on sale — and adjust bids on those groups.

You can select and use up to five labels (numbered 0-4) for every feed in Google Shopping. Check out the video to learn five of the most useful custom labels you can apply to your product feed.

Here’s the whiteboard for reference.

Want more ways to enhance your product feed for Google Shopping? Be sure to gather all the essentials you need to get your feed in tip-top shape. If revising titles is at the top of your to-do list, check out this video to get the go-to techniques to optimize product titles.

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