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Computer & Electronics Retail Benchmarks for 2021

For computer and electronics retailers, 2020 can be summed up in one word: efficiency. These retailers needed to reduce spend during a year that saw remote work and learning environments become the norm. Supply chain issues may have also influenced decreased CPCs and higher ROAS, two key computer and electronics retail benchmarks throughout the year.

According to Sidecar’s 2021 Benchmarks Report, computer and electronics retailers experienced lower CPCs while ROAS grew across Google Ads in 2020. This increase in efficiency across Google Shopping and Google paid search was also met with lower CPA across both ad platforms.

Computer and electronics retailers experienced lower CPCs while ROAS grew across Google Ads in 2020.

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Planning for Efficiency on Google Ads

With consumers looking to improve their home work spaces throughout 2020, computer and electronics retailers were one group that likely benefited from the influx of shopping activity. Computer and electronics retail benchmarks showed lower CPCs year over year on Google Shopping (-31%) and Google paid search (-14%). Additionally, Google Shopping ROAS increased 41% while paid search ROAS grew 64% year over year.

This higher return in both channels also led to lower CPAs on both Google Shopping and Google paid search. Google Shopping CPA for computer and electronics retailers was $17.83 in 2020, down 27% year over year. On Google paid search, CPA was $25.48, marking an 18% decline from 2019.

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