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How to Drive 44% More Revenue on Google Shopping in 90 Days, According to This Department Retailer

When I first spoke with Brandy Lorah, Boscov’s Director, E-commerce Marketing, she told me that one of her big goals was to grow revenue on Google Shopping and keep cost/sale (also calculated as ROAS) steady.

Brandy also told me she wanted to see that revenue growth happen consistently through the year — and not have a big drop-off after the holiday shopping season.

I bring this up because many retailers have shared similar goals with us. They want to incrementally drive more Google Shopping revenue. And if that means increasing investment, it’s OK — as long as they maintain their ROAS or cost/sale goals.

We’ve been helping Brandy out over the past several months with a combination of Sidecar’s automated technology and strategic direction from our team.

Give it a read to learn if you’re making mistakes on Google Shopping — and what to do about it.

A couple of the biggest results? Boscov’s Google Shopping revenue increased by 32% YoY after 30 days, while ROAS actually improved by 13% YoY. After 90 days, revenue was up by 44% YoY at the retailer’s ROAS goal.

Those are some numbers that other retailers tell us they would love to see, too. So we wanted to give you a closer look into how we helped Boscov’s get there.

You can check out the story in this new case study. Give it a read to learn if you’re making mistakes on Google Shopping — and what to do about it.

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