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These 7 Trends Will Define High-Performing E-Commerce Marketing Teams

Technology is not the only factor redefining e-commerce marketing. People are. The people that make up high-performing e-commerce marketing teams create a model for us all.

For instance, Christina Coppola, an associate marketing manager at Spikeball, told us that strong collaboration is the key to her team’s success. “When you’re given the freedom and autonomy to work on projects that you’re passionate about, with coworkers who also enjoy what they do, the work speaks for itself,” she shared.

Christina was among 146 e-commerce marketing professionals that Sidecar surveyed to understand a key question: What’s next for e-commerce marketers? We reported their candid responses in Sidecar’s 2021 E-Commerce Marketer Survey.

This survey is part of Sidecar’s core mission: empowering e-commerce marketing teams to reach their performance marketing goals. E-commerce marketers are our #1 priority. These professionals are our team members and our customers, whom we support as they make more data-driven decisions and run more successful campaigns.

Our survey reached the crux of how e-commerce marketers are spending their time, in terms of skill development, channel management, and team processes. We asked e-commerce marketers: What skill sets do you believe are most valuable to acquire for career growth? What positions is your team hiring in the next 12 months? How data-driven is your team? What tasks do you wish you could automate?

We hope that the answers to these questions will guide you as you further your own career and team development. Benchmark where you’re at compared to your peers. Gain inspiration for where to take your skills and team development. Following are some of the key findings from Sidecar’s 2021 E-Commerce Marketer Survey.

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