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5 Retail Marketing Trends To Watch in 2022

Retail Uncharted interviews the brightest minds in retail to understand the critical retail marketing trends impacting the industry. That makes it a great resource for unearthing the biggest opportunities of the past year as well as a powerful planning guide for 2022 retail marketing activities.

In the past year, we talked to retailers, journalists, and visionaries about the cookie-less marketing future, how Facebook ads can drive ROI and business growth, and the rise of livestream shopping. All of these trends and technologies will remain relevant in 2022, which is why we recapped the best of the best of Retail Uncharted in our latest episode. 

Here are the episodes and key trends we showcased in the podcast:

1. Emotional Marketing Will Be a Competitive Edge

In an interview with The Buycologist founder Chris Gray, we learned that emotion and shopping go hand in hand. The retailers who can tap into that emotion and understand shoppers’ motivations are the ones who can influence and shape the shopper journey. “Deep understanding of your shoppers is going to be a competitive edge for you,” says Chris, an expert in both psychology and retail marketing. Having that insight, he adds, can help retailers identify where their marketing or shopping experience is falling short, and how to engage shoppers more effectively.

2. Facebook Advertising Unlocks Cross-Channel Growth

Facebook remains one of the most effective ways to target every stage of the customer journey with in-the-moment marketing. AllHeart, a Sidecar customer and medical supplies retailer, leverages Facebook Advertising as a prospecting and nurturing tool. AllHeart’s Randall Evenson explains in this episode that increasing top-of-funnel advertising on Facebook, not only increased Facebook revenue, but it grew sales across every channel in which the retailer advertises. “It’s become vital to our business,” says Randall.

3. Livestream Shopping Will Ramp Up in 2022

The rise of livestream shopping in the U.S. is partly a reaction to COVID-19, when shoppers could not visit physical stores. Instead, they turned to QVC-like streamers who showcase products and answer shopper questions live. Even as stores have opened, the popularity and accessibility of livestream shopping remains, and it’s estimated to be a $25 billion industry by 2023. Insider reporter Jennifer Ortakales Dawson covered the growing livestream shopping trend extensively for Insider and spoke with Retail Uncharted about how to make livestream shopping profitable for retailers.   

4. Going Cookie-Less Means Transactional Retail Is Over

One of the biggest trends of the year is the end of third-party cookies, which both Apple and Google have signaled in recent updates. The changes will have a lasting impact on retail marketing and will require retailers to form more meaningful relationships with their shoppers. NRF VP of Technology Christian Beckner told Retail Uncharted that, “Consumers are willing to share their information with retailers who they know and trust, especially if there is a direct benefit to them.” That means retailers need to provide real value, like an entertaining newsletter or exclusive discounts, in order to earn shoppers’ data and build lifetime loyalty. “It’s really about changing the nature of the relationship, and making it much less short term and transactional and much more about having that longer term relationship with your customers,” says Christian.

5. Customer Loyalty Is a Top 2022 Priority

2020 and 2021 were defined by huge surges in new customers due to the unique impacts of COVID-19. Retailers shouldn’t expect that in 2022, says Retail TouchPoints Editor Adam Blair. “Retailers need to take positive action to keep those shoppers that sampled them during the pandemic,” says Adam. “Loyalty should be a top priority.” In this episode of Retail Uncharted, Adam reveals tactics to build better customer experiences and loyalty programs that will keep shoppers coming back in 2022 and beyond.

Thank You for an Amazing 2021!

If you enjoyed dissecting retail marketing trends with Retail Uncharted in 2021, be sure to subscribe to the podcast to catch all of our coverage in 2022. Happy New Year!

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