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3 Truths About the Future of Data Science and AI

The use of automation and AI is increasing in the retail industry. As the shopping journey grows more complex, retailers understand how important the right balance of team and technology is to their digital strategy. For most, it could be the difference between competing and failing in modern marketing.

Automation and AI attract a lot of attention, but they are often misunderstood and misrepresented. In this report, Data, Automation, and AI: How Retailers Are Driving Practical Ad Strategies, we break down three truths about the changing role of these technologies in retail digital marketing.

The right combination of data, automation, and AI is the new normal. This report features six retail marketing departments that use them to meetand often exceedtheir digital marketing goals. Each retailer demonstrates these three truths about the future of data, automation, and AI.

Including and Beyond Automation

AI—and related, data science—will go beyond automating established workflows and processes. Rather, these innovations will live at the heart of improving marketing strategy and its impact on the business.

Specific Pain Points

Retailers will leverage data, automation, and AI to solve increasingly specific challenges, and mold and customize the technology to serve focused purposes. Such challenges and purposes vary by retail vertical, business goals, customer profile, competitive landscape—and the change that can occur therein over time and overnight.

Retail marketing departments using automation and AI to achieve business goals

Tech + Team

The future of automation and AI in retail digital marketing is as much about the technology as it is about the people using it. Success comes when retailers round out technology’s value with that of humans, including their marketing know-how, experience, and instincts.

Marketing departments must assess where they are at in their technological maturity and determine go-forward steps to capitalize on the accelerated digital economy into the future. How are you measuring up?

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