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3 Metrics to Outrank the Competition in Google Shopping

Nowhere can the landscape feel more disorienting than the Google Shopping dashboard. Depending on your product grouping strategy and the size of your product feed, you might have five, 50, or 500 product groups. And with dozens of different metrics available to add to your reporting columns, the amount of data to sift through can be immense.

When it comes to competitive intelligence, there are three key metrics you can use to understand where you — and, equally important, your competitors — rank.

1. Benchmark Maximum Cost per Click.
This metric helps you understand how you’re stacking up against your competitors when it comes to what you’re bidding for similar products.

2. Benchmark Click-through Rate.
Like the Benchmark Max CPC, you can use the Benchmark CTR to understand how your PLAs are performing from a clickthrough rate standpoint when compared against those of your competitors.

3. Impression Share.
Ever want to know how frequently your products are actually getting in front of a shopper? Now you can. The impression share figure is your number of impressions divided by the estimated number of impressions you were eligible to receive.

We break it all down in this guide, 3 Metrics to Outrank the Competition in Google Shopping.

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