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2020 Google Ads Benchmarks: How the Competitive Landscape Is Changing [Infographic]

Retailers can’t rely on budget alone to drive wins on Google Ads. They must think more strategically to sustain a competitive advantage on Google’s paid search and shopping channels.

Granular campaign management is key to driving steady Google Ads growth in 2020. As budgets shift and the roles of Google’s paid search and shopping channels change, the retailers who prioritize strategy are positioned for the most success.

Sidecar’s 2020 Benchmarks Report: Google Ads in Retail outlines how retailers can respond to the increasingly complex Google Ads landscape. The report analyzed a representative sample of 300 U.S. retailers’ Google Ads accounts to determine key performance trends impacting the retail industry.

Below are key findings from the 2020 Google Ads Benchmarks Report.

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Access the full report and get the KPIs for your specific retail vertical. The 2020 Benchmarks Report: Google Ads in Retail includes major trends impacting the retail landscape and recommendations to navigate the space, including:

  • Why retailers shifted budget plans across Google Ads, allocating 7% more spend in Google Shopping and 8% less spend in Google paid search year over year.
  • Competitive metrics involving Amazon, its increasing impression share in Google Ads, and strategies to counter the retail giant.
  • Strategies to capitalize on the growing number of total Google Ads clicks attributed to mobile
  • Vertical-specific performance metrics to guide your strategy in the year ahead, including AOV, CTR, CVR, and ROAS.
  • Seasonal retail performance for back to school, Amazon Prime Day, and the year-end holidays
  • Google Ads updates, key announcements, and new ad formats for to 2020 every retailer should know.

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