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20 Pieces of Advice for Marketing During the Coronavirus

Digital and e-commerce marketers are rethinking their plans as the coronavirus continues to impact the retail industry. Here are 20 of the positive steps we’re seeing retail marketers take to work through the current volatility and prepare for the post COVID-19 environment. These tactics come into play for marketing overall, and for paid campaigns on search, social, and marketplace channels in particular. While not all of these ideas will apply to your business, consider the ones that may be helpful for your goals.

  1. Don’t automatically stop marketing and advertising. The impact of the coronavirus is fluid. Try not to veer too far off course, yet remain flexible to address consumer needs today.
  2. Understand how demand is changing within your product catalog. Examine any shifts in CPCs and your competitive set.
  3. Consider adjusting your return on ad spend target to allow budget to flow more dynamically across your channels.
  4. Monitor how your target audience might be shifting. For instance, a large beauty retailer we partner with offers products for both consumers and businesses. We’ve seen a spike recently in shoppers purchasing B2B products, leading us to shift budget to prioritize those items on Google and better address demand.
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